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Begode (Gotway)

Begode (Gotway) Master V3

Begode (Gotway) Master V3

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The Begode Master made waves when it was originally released in 2022 as the most powerful electric unicycle ever. Even today this 81lb E-Unicycle can hold its own against the new generation of 100+ lb kaiju sized high performance EUCs. It sports the incredible 3500W C38 motor. This motor is beloved by the trail riding community for its punch from standstill and by combining it with Begode's 134.4V power system is able to have a blistering free spin of 112 km/h giving the rider both torque and speed.

Begode has improved upon the Master's design for 2023. The Master now comes with an improved kickstand, metal battery boxes, and adjustable suspension linkages (hard + soft travel lengths). 


  • Model Number: Master
  • Range Per Charge: 120 km
  • Free Spin Speed: 112 km/h
  • Motor Power: 3500W C38
  • Battery: 134.4V 2400WH Samsung 50E
  • Charging Time: 6h with stock charger
  • Tire Size: 20"
  • Weight: 37 kgs (81 lbs)

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