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Blade Mini Ultra

Blade Mini Ultra

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New for 2024 is the re imagined Blade Mini Ultra.  Receiving a massive performance upgrade over the Blade Mini Pro with 60 v 27 Ah powerplant, Dual 1000 W motors and full Hydraulic brakes.

The Blade Mini Pro is among our most popular models for a reason: it brings the high performance influence of the Blade GT family at an entry-level price. Ample dual-motor power, dual spring suspension and a decent range that will get you around the city, all in an eye-catching and functional design. It’s also perfect for those upgrading from an anemic entry-level commuter scooter but not ready for the heavyweights like Blade GT II or Fighter 10.


The Blade Mini Ultra has enough power to scale virtually any hill: 2,000W total from two 1000W motors. It’s not for speed demons (many of us aren’t) but it will take you to 60km/h and the acceleration is zippy—especially compared to most commuter scooters.

Handling is where the scooter really shines. 10″ x 3″ air-filled tires handle bumps and holes better (and safer) than skinny 8″ or 9″ tires.

Front and rear suspension gives it a bit of a “sports car” feel and makes for a really smooth ride. If you’re upgrading from a Segway or similar, this is the first thing you’ll notice about a high-performance scooter, and the aspect you’ll enjoy most.

The perfectly-positioned rear kick plate provides stability for rapid acceleration and braking, further adding to sports car feel and making your old scooter feel like a Prius.

The dual disc brakes are responsive and coupled with the electronic regenerative brakes, provide fantastic stopping power.


Although you won’t want to be taking it on a bus, the Blade Mini Pro does fold up somewhat compactly and is easy to load into most cars at 34kg (75lbs). If it’s too large to take into the store, lock it up and and disable operation with auto locking NFC lock for extra security.


A high-mounted headlamp keeps you seeing enough of the road to see what’s coming at 60km/h, and bright LED strips on the stem and deck keep you visible. Front and rear turn signals integrated into the deck and a rear brake light make cars, bikes, other riders and pedestrians aware of where you’re going.

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