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EMOVE Cruiser S 52V 1600W Dual Suspension - Long Range Electric Scooter

EMOVE Cruiser S 52V 1600W Dual Suspension - Long Range Electric Scooter

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The EMOVE Cruiser S 2023 edition redefines the electric scooter experience, offering a maximum range of 62 miles and a top speed of 33 mph. Designed to support adults weighing up to 352 pounds, the Cruiser is replete with advanced features such as foldable handlebars, state-of-the-art XTECH hybrid brakes, key ignition, turn signals, and more. A harmonious blend of power and convenience, this scooter is an ideal choice for daily commutes. Move over monochrome; this high-performance scooter is available in a spectrum of shades including black, white, orange, purple, blue, and red.

Key Features:

  • 52V 30Ah Battery equipped with BMS and 18650 Cells.
  • IPX6 water resistance ensures durability against splashes.
  • Maintenance is a breeze with tubeless tires.
  • Hassle-free plug-and-play cabling system.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.

The EMOVE Cruiser S is the latest version of our acclaimed long-distance electric scooter series. Setting itself apart, it's the only single-motor scooter globally powered by a sine wave controller. Consequently, the Cruiser S boasts smoother acceleration, enhanced battery efficiency, superior electronic braking, and superior hill-climbing ability compared to its predecessors. These enhancements not only elevate the riding experience but also address some of the minor inconveniences reported by users of the previous model—all without any price hike. Here's a snapshot of the upgrades from the previous model:

  • Upgraded to a brighter and clearer White LCD.
  • Introducing a new thumb throttle for immediate response and improved ergonomics.
  • Transitioned to a black folding mechanism and knob from the earlier silver version.
  • A quieter 1000W motor that eliminates the growling sound.
  • Enhanced stem clamp for increased security.
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