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EMOVE RoadRunner V2 Seated Electric Scooter

EMOVE RoadRunner V2 Seated Electric Scooter

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Detailed Overview: Caution: The EMOVE Roadrunner might become your new obsession. It surpasses the regular e-bike experience. This seated electric scooter stands out with its remarkable design that blends aesthetics and utility. Powered by dual hub motors and fortified with a 48V 26.1 Ah Dynavolt detachable battery, the Roadrunner offers a travel distance of up to 53 miles. Ride in luxury with its memory foam seat, adjustable handlebars, and intuitive thumb throttle, letting you cruise at speeds up to 34 mph. Since its prototype, the current RoadRunner model boasts enhancements such as a more expansive and cushioned seat, extended carbon fiber rear fender, selectable single/dual motor modes, elongated foot pegs, advanced Xtech hydraulic brakes, an intensified headlamp, and integrated rear indicators. This is a one-of-a-kind seated scooter experience.

Key Features:

  • Empowered by a 350W front motor and a 500W back motor.
  • Double your journey to over 100 miles with the interchangeable lockable battery.
  • Enhanced with front and back carbon fiber fenders, collapsible handlebars, an illuminating headlamp, and brake lights combined with turn signals.
  • Premium commuter amenities comprise of air-filled 14" tires with inner tubes, state-of-the-art Xtech hydraulic brakes, tunable ABS+ front spring suspension, and skid-resistant foot pegs.
  • Our 1-year limited warranty ensures we've got your back. Reach out to our team for any assistance.
  • Discover more from the EMOVE RoadRunner User Guide.
  • Originated in California.
  • Fancy personalizing your Roadrunner immediately? Explore our certified refurbished Roadrunner options.
  • The upgraded EMOVE RoadRunner V2 seated electric scooter by VoroMotors is now in the market. All fresh RoadRunner purchases will be of Version 2.

Updates on Version 2:

The redefined EMOVE RoadRunner V2 Seated Electric Scooter boasts an enhanced thumb throttle for durability and sensitivity, a cozier and denser seat, and innovative tubeless tires to minimize speed wobbles. We highly value user feedback and remain committed to elevating this seated electric scooter experience.

  • Enhanced Throttle: Upgraded design enhances durability and responsiveness.
  • Upgraded Seat: Adopted from the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro, it offers a denser cushion and an elongated saddle.
  • Superior Tires: The scooter now features tubeless tires with a redesigned tread to counteract high-speed oscillations.
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