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Inmotion RS Midnight Electric Scooter

Inmotion RS Midnight Electric Scooter

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The InMotion RS Midnight emerges as a versatile superscooter, offering four transformative styles – from an off-roader and SUV to a sporty sedan and a sleek sportscar. Tailored to cater to varying riding preferences, the RS Midnight morphs to resonate with your desired style. InMotion, primarily recognized for their electric unicycles (EUCs), embarked on a journey to engineer an unparalleled electric riding experience. The RS Midnight boasts dual 50A Raptor P sine wave controllers, ensuring a hushed operation and seamlessly smooth acceleration. The half-twist throttle ensures consistent speed, while the dual hydraulic suspension seamlessly handles any road imperfections. A sun-friendly 4.2" LCD display sits prominently on the handlebars, complemented by ergonomically rounded grips, offering an inviting cockpit for both brief and extended journeys.

Its potent 72V 40Ah battery promises a commendable range of up to 52 miles. The intelligent BMS and the InMotion mobile app provide reassurance during the recharging process. With an impressive 8400W peak power, this twin-motor, dual-stem titan can reach a staggering top speed of 63.3 mph, placing it in the league of the swiftest electric scooters ever crafted. For those seeking a scooter adept for hill climbs, urban cruising, or even racetrack dashes, the InMotion RS Midnight is your perfect match.

Key Features:

  • Responsive hydraulic suspension, adjustable with 11 settings and a 26 mm travel range.
  • Equipped with dual Zoom hydraulic brakes featuring a 160 mm rotor, complemented by 11" x 3.5" tubeless pneumatic tires.
  • Front turn signals neatly positioned under the handlebar grips; rear signals integrated into the deck.
  • Features a brilliant headlight and an audibly loud electronic horn.
  • Innovative quick-release folding mechanism bolstered by a robust clamp and secure locking pin.
  • Available exclusively at VoroMotors, presented in the captivating Midnight Black shade.
  • The Inmotion Mobile App is accessible for both Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store) users.
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