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Inmotion V11Y

Inmotion V11Y

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This is a preorder for the V11Y. Estimated timeline of delivery is March 2024.

The Inmotion V11Y is an upgrade to the widely loved and appreciated V11. With a 20% increase in speed over the V11Y, this inner city commuter will do 60km/h. Pair that with 15% higher power output and 20% more torque, the V11Y improves over its precursor in every category, allowing you to ride with a higher buffer to really navigate the streets in style. 

The V11Y is now packed with a Smart BMS which supports a max charging output of 10A versus the previous models 5A.

The V11Y is now packed with the Raptor Y driver, very similar technology that was found in the V13 which is incredibly redundant and safe. ALong with this is a IPx6 waterproof rating meaning it'll hold up to those unfortunate days you get caught in the rain on your work commutes or joy rides.

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