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Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter

Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter

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The Mantis King GT from Kaabo stands as their premier all-terrain electric scooter. Notably lighter than its dual-stem counterparts, weighing under 80 lbs, the Mantis GT promises agility and zest. It proudly showcases features from the Grand Touring series, such as a thumb throttle, sine wave controllers, and a prominently placed display. Beyond its advanced tech specs, this model boasts superior water resistance and a more efficient folding mechanism. It's more powerful, offers a smoother ride, and frankly, it's a head-turner. Its stealthy design, coupled with an eye-catching frontend, rear swing arms, and a two-tone deck, ensures you make a statement wherever you go.

Key highlights of the Mantis GT:

  • Twin 1100W motors and dual 30A sine wave controllers, propelling you to a max speed of 43.5 mph (70 km/h).
  • Equipped with a Samsung 60V, 24Ah battery offering 1440 Wh, it provides an impressive 56-mile (90 km) range on one charge. And with two standard chargers, you're back on the road in under six hours.
  • Comfort features encompass an ergonomic thumb throttle, 10” x 3” hybrid tires on split rims, and an adjustable hydraulic suspension, guaranteeing smooth rides. Its spacious 23” x 8.5” deck lets riders shift positions effortlessly.
  • Safety is paramount with a high-set headlight, rear indicators, distinct brake-responsive taillights, an electronic horn, a 4.2” glare-resistant TFT display with cruise control, digital security lock, performance controls, and an IPX5 water resistance rating.
  • Portability is enhanced with a swift fold/unfold mechanism, easy-carry hooks when folded, and its manageable 76 lb weight.
  • Relish long rides with its 72V 28 Ah battery, boasting a genuine range of over 60 miles and an optimal 90-mile range under specific conditions. Trust in the high-grade cells from a renowned Chinese manufacturer.
  • Its unparalleled lighting system includes a blazing 2000 lumen front light, side/rear LED strips serving as indicators and a prominent rear brake light. Rain isn't an issue, given the Burn-E's IP55 waterproof rating, with essential parts like the display and controllers rated IP67.
  • With a weight of 74 pounds, it can comfortably accommodate riders up to 265 pounds. The deck is more expansive than prior models, enhancing rider comfort. Its heightened 5.8-inch ground clearance ensures obstacle clearance, both on streets and rugged terrains.
  • Customizability is key: front and rear hydraulic shocks can be adjusted, letting the Mantis King GT transition from an off-road beast to a city commuter or a high-speed racer based on user configurations.
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