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Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro

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Introducing the Kaabo Wolf King GT – the epitome of premium electric scooters designed to take you further, swifter. With its enhanced 50A sine wave controllers housed in the stem, it ensures prolonged, uninterrupted rides without any risk of overheating. The King GT provides riders with a spacious rubberized deck, a motorcycle-caliber front suspension, and a robust spring suspension at the back. Combined with its chunky 11-inch street tires, it offers an unmatched comfort level.

Being Kaabo's flagship tourer, they've reinforced the Wolf King GT's aluminum design and boosted its luxury features. Transitioning from the conventional EY3 finger throttle and LCD, the GT now boasts a prominent 4.2" TFT display paired with a user-friendly thumb throttle, ensuring effortless speed checks, light operations, and eco/turbo mode toggling. Speaking of illumination, the GT doesn't disappoint. Complete with front and rear indicators, iconic Wolf dual headlights, and stylish under-deck lighting, this scooter is an absolute head-turner.

Key features include:

  • Estimated top speeds of up to 63 mph.
  • Anticipated range of roughly 74 miles.
  • A massive 72V 35 Ah battery from trusted brands like Samsung or LG.
  • Sturdy forged aluminum construction with an IPX5 rating ensures resilience against wet surfaces and light rain (avoiding heavy rain is advised).
  • Dual hydraulic brakes complemented by a front and rear suspension system for unparalleled stopping capabilities.
  • An ergonomic cockpit with a glare-resistant TFT display, revamped eco/turbo buttons, a thumb throttle, and taller, broader handlebars when compared to the original Kaabo Wolf King. This design ensures everything is within easy reach.
  • Equipped with dual 2000-watt brushless motors and two state-of-the-art 50A sine wave controllers, the Wolf GT promises smooth yet potent acceleration, peaking at 63 mph (high-speed rides are recommended with street tires).
  • The GT's revamped cockpit layout positions all controls intuitively. The smooth thumb throttle guarantees precise power modulation, while gears and ride modes are easily accessible on the handlebar's right side. Left-thumb operations include activating headlights, turn signals, and the horn.
  • The brand-new 4.2" color-centered display provides details on speed, distance, ride modes, and facilitates advanced customizations, including electric brake strength or controller configurations.
  • Its impeccable braking system, complemented by the optional ABS system, ensures smooth operations and top-tier stopping prowess.
  • The GT's revamped lighting system is a game-changer, featuring two robust front LEDs characteristic of Kaabo Wolf scooters. This setup ensures optimal night-time visibility and is complemented by both front and rear turn signals for safe urban commuting. The deck's chic LED lights guarantee visibility from all angles and are sure to grab attention.

With such a plethora of features, the Kaabo Wolf King GT is set to redefine electric scooter standards.

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