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Kaabo Wolf King GTR

Kaabo Wolf King GTR

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The Kaabo Wolf King GTR takes the lead as the latest and fiercest contender in the scooter arena. This adult electric scooter, boasting an IPX5 water resistance, is crafted for seasoned riders seeking nothing but the best. Looking for speed? The King GTR impressively clocks in at 65 mph, leaving behind other scooters and even cars. Its twin 2000W hub motors come with detachable rims, simplifying tire replacements. What's more, its 12” pneumatic tires are fortified with a self-sealing gel to fend off punctures, ensuring uninterrupted rides. In terms of durability, its detachable, water-resistant 72V 35Ah battery not only facilitates portability but also offers swift swapping for an extended range. Its revamped dual hydraulic suspension system, complete with adjustable damping, ensures an unparalleled riding experience. Complementing its safety enhancements are the potent dual hydraulic disc brakes with 160 mm rotors. From introducing refined performance elements to refining the kickstand, Kaabo has meticulously upgraded every inch of the Wolf GTR. Its new rubber deck design promises a secure grip, making sharp turns effortless. Let the Kaabo Wolf King GTR redefine your commute, replacing e-bikes, cars, buses, and other modes of transport for a truly electric journey.

Highlighted Features:

  • An advanced 2-in-1 72V 100A sine wave controller, capable of a 110A peak output, showcases both performance and feature enhancements.
  • Its removable UL Certified LG/Samsung li-ion battery, offering 2419 Wh (21700 Cells), guarantees over 55 miles on one charge.
  • Enhanced front hydraulic fork suspension pairs with a new rear coilover hydraulic shock suspension, both offering accessible adjustability for optimal damping.
  • The larger 12” x 4” ultra-wide tubeless tires, coupled with cutting-edge tech, ensure stability and traction across speeds. These tires are a product of collaboration with the esteemed CST supplier, introducing a unique hybrid design.
  • The package includes two 84V 2A standard chargers, enabling a full charge in roughly 10 hours.
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