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NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX electric scooter- 2023(40AH )

NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX electric scooter- 2023(40AH )

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Unleashing unparalleled power, the scooter features dual 1500W motors, boasting a peak performance of 8400W. This, coupled with 50A sinewave controllers, guarantees a heart-racing acceleration up to 60mph.

Matching the motors' prowess are its robust 4-piston LOGAN hydraulic brakes, with 160mm discs. When combined with the adjustable-intensity electric brake, stopping power is assured.

Heeding feedback from the community, NAMI has embedded cutting-edge technology in their latest offering, the BURN-E. It sports a large, waterproof smart display, allowing riders to customize numerous settings. With five distinct riding modes, including a turbo mode for an adrenaline boost, riders can also tweak acceleration for both front and rear motors, as well as adjust the electric brake's intensity.

Ensuring a seamless ride across varied terrains are the two modifiable 165mm hydraulic coil-shock suspensions and the 11-inch tubeless 90/65-6.5 tires (off-road variants sold separately). Safety during nighttime rides is ensured by a potent 2000-lumen headlight, side LED strips, and a rear brake light.

The BURN-E's premium components set it apart in its segment. With a heat-treated aviation-grade welded frame, a carbon fiber steering column, and polished stainless steel elements, it's engineered for swift rides and longevity.

Tipping the scales at 103 lb, the BURN-E is slightly lighter than its competitors. Its revamped wobble-resistant folding mechanism ensures portability without compromising on size.

Wave goodbye to range worries. With its sizable 72V 40Ah battery, incorporating high-efficiency LG 21700 Li-ion cells, the BURN-E promises a max range of 115 miles (at a steady 18mph with a 160 lb rider). Under typical riding conditions, a realistic range of 50-60 miles is attainable.

Its top-tier lighting package comes with a brilliant 2000-lumen front light and side/rear LED strips, doubling as turn indicators and a bright rear brake light. Encountered rain on your journey? Fear not; the BURN-E boasts an IP55 waterproof rating, with crucial elements like its display and controllers rated IP67.

  • Enhancements from the original Burn-E include: 4-piston hydraulic brakes, newly introduced waterproof motor connectors for easier maintenance, refined charging ports, a 5A charger inclusion, enhanced turn signals, and a more expansive 27-inch handlebar.
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