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Teverun Fighter 10+

Teverun Fighter 10+

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The Fighter 10+ is strategically positioned between the Fighter Mini and Fighter 11+ in the hierarchy of performance, dimensions, and cost. Its attributes are almost a mirror image of the Fighter 11+, except for its marginally smaller 10" x 4" hybrid tires and 1,200W motors.

Boasting the signature all-black aesthetic synonymous with the Fighter series, the Fighter 10+ exudes a contemporary, bold charm. It comes standard with full RGB lighting, manageable via the Teverun app.

Setting the Fighter 10+ apart from the Fighter 10 are its enhanced battery capacity and an adjustable, hydraulic suspension.

Its hybrid tires ensure the Fighter 10+ is equally adept at navigating city streets as it is rugged trails, with the broad tire configuration ensuring stability and confidence throughout the journey.

DYNAMISM & DISTANCE Powered by a 60V drivetrain that propels dual 1,200W motors, the Fighter 10+ delivers a continuous 2,400W of power, with peak performance hitting 4,000W. Although it might not challenge the raw speed of the Fighter 11+ or Fighter Supreme, it still impressively reaches speeds up to 75km/h (46mph). Moreover, it promises a commendable range of up to 80km on a full charge.

LUXURY & LEADERSHIP Thanks to its robust spring suspension on both wheels and its expansive 10" x 4" tires, the Fighter 10+ effortlessly maneuvers over curbs, bumps, and varied terrains. It's particularly suitable for heavier riders, accommodating weights up to 150kg (330lbs).

AESTHETICS The sleek, all-black design is accentuated by the RGB lighting embedded into the stem, deck, and rear kickplate. The Teverun app (compatible with both iOS and Android) allows users to customize the lighting's hue and choose from several animated patterns. Additionally, this RGB setup serves as turn signals, brake indicators, and even as a battery charging status display.

SAFETY FIRST Equipped with dual Zoom hydraulic brakes and regenerative e-braking, the Fighter 10+ ensures timely stops. Enhanced visibility is guaranteed with bright front and rear integrated turn signals. The RGB lighting further accentuates visibility, especially during turning or braking actions. A new, high-mounted 2,000-lumen dual LED headlight ensures a stable, forward-focused illumination. Furthermore, the adjustable steering damper enhances stability at high speeds. The integrated Teverun smart BMS continually monitors battery health, reducing potential risks during charging.

RIDER COMFORT An expansive 3.5" full-color TFT display presents essential data clearly. All controls, including those for lights, turn signals, and horn, are ergonomically designed for easy access. The comfortable handlebar grips are made of a grippy rubber and lock in place to ensure stability.

BUILD & DESIGN Teverun's legendary robust build quality blends with innovative design elements in the Fighter series. Features like the novel folding mechanism and extensive fenders are testaments to its practicality and durability.

CONVENIENCE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS An NFC key lock offers a swift way to secure and access the scooter. The latest Teverun app provides an extensive overview of various metrics, making it an indispensable tool for users. The Fighter Supreme also supports app connectivity, thanks to its integrated Bluetooth module.

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