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Teverun Fighter 11+

Teverun Fighter 11+

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The Fighter 11+ is Teverun's stylish take on the stellar design of the Blade GT+ II, radiating modern and distinct all-black elegance. While both models align closely on technical specifications, the Fighter 11+ boasts superior features, including an enhanced brake system, an improved thumb throttle, and a superior display. Where the Blade series champions practicality and affordability, the Fighter series exudes upscale allure and sophistication. Your preference between the two might hinge on budget considerations and throttle type preference.

Significantly, the Fighter 11+ surpasses its predecessor, the Fighter 11, boasting a more potent battery and an adjustable hydraulic suspension system.

Designed for versatility, the Fighter 11+ excels both on urban streets and rugged trails.

POWER & ENDURANCE Empowered by a 60V drivetrain with dual 1,500W motors, the Fighter 11+ delivers a combined 3,000W sustained power, peaking at 5,000W. This formidable setup propels you to speeds of up to 85km/h, ensuring consistent uphill acceleration. Complemented by a robust 35Ah battery, anticipate a range reaching 100km on a full charge.

HANDLING & STABILITY Navigating through curbs, speed bumps, or off-road terrains is seamless with the Fighter 11+'s durable spring suspension and 11" wide, self-repairing tubeless tires. Suited especially for heavier riders, it comfortably supports weights up to 150kg. For off-roading enthusiasts, knobby tires are an available option.

AESTHETICS & ILLUMINATION The Fighter 11+'s design, highlighted by RGB lighting on the stem, deck, and rear kickplate, is a visual delight. Utilize the Teverun app to customize this lighting, with default settings offering a serene transition between seven colors. Additionally, the RGB system doubles up as auxiliary brake indicators and turn signals.

SAFETY MEASURES Equipped with Dual Zoom hydraulic brakes and regenerative e-braking, the scooter ensures swift halts. Bright turn signals, enhanced with RGB lighting, ensure you're seen and can signal your intentions clearly. A newly designed 2,000-lumen double LED headlight, positioned high on the stem, offers unwavering illumination. Safety at high speeds is further augmented by a sturdy steering damper.

RIDER COMFORT The expansive 3.5" color TFT display offers at-a-glance access to crucial metrics. An intuitive cockpit layout places all controls within easy thumb reach, ensuring smooth rides. Handlebar grips strike a balance between firmness and comfort, locking securely in place.

ROBUST BUILD & CONVENIENCE Incorporating Teverun's latest design strategies and robust build quality, standout features include a new folding mechanism for stability and convenience. Additionally, an NFC key lock system offers seamless security, and the updated Teverun app offers a plethora of setting adjustments and system diagnostics. The scooter's self-sealing tubeless tires reduce maintenance needs, ensuring lesser flat tires.

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