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Teverun Fighter Mini Eco

Teverun Fighter Mini Eco

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As the entry-level Fighter model, the Fighter Mini Pro is like an upscale version of the Blade Mini Pro It’s perfect for those that want more power and range than the Blade Mini Pro, higher-end components and the sleek styling from the Fighter line, but still need portability with increased range and power.

It features the same modern, all-black styling of the Fighter line, but is more minimalist, with a simple, solid, glowing lightstrip on each side of the deck.


The Fighter Mini Plus has lots of power to tackle hills: 2,000W total from two 1,000W motors, peaking at 3,200W. The 52V powertrain provides more “oomph” than the Blade Mini Pro SE with the same motors, and the 52V 15Ah battery will get you on the go in style.


The Fighter Mini expertly handles curbs, speed bumps and most off-road terrain thanks to it’s heavy-duty suspension on both wheels. Being Stable, portable and powerful, this sleek scooter will be the goto choice for the shorter more frequent destinations, If you desire even more range and Power the Pro would be a great choice aswell. If you’re upgrading from a Segway or similar, this is the first thing you’ll notice about a high-performance scooter, and the aspect you’ll enjoy most. 10″ x 3″ tubeless are far less prone to flats, which is important for anyone who needs to rely on their ride (or just doesn’t like changing tubes).


Although you won’t want to be taking it on a bus, the Blade Mini Pro does fold up somewhat compactly and is easy to load into most cars at 29kg (64lbs). If it’s too large to take into the store, lock it up and disable operation with the NFC key lock for extra security.


The Fighter Mini uses the same integrated, 3″ colour TFT display as the Blade GT II, a thumb throttle and the same comfortable grips as the rest of the Fighter line.

A high-mounted headlamp keeps you seeing enough of the road to see what’s coming at 60km/h, and bright LED strips on the stem and deck keep you visible.

The dual hydraulic disc brakes are responsive and coupled with the electronic regenerative brakes with ABS, provide fantastic stopping power.


Complimenting the sleek all-black design is full RGB lighting incorporated into both sides of the stem and deck as well as wrapping around the rear kickplate. You can use the Teverun app (iOS and Android) to select any colour as well as any of several pre-programmed animated patterns (by default, it slowly cycles between 7 different colours).

The RGB lighting is also used as turn signals and brake lights, as well as indicting the current battery charge when charging.

Cable wrapping is sturdy and keeps cabling tidy.


The low relative price point makes it an easy point into high performance electric scooters. Plus, it can be upgraded as needed. Add a 3.5″ colour or 4″ TFT display, finger throttle, Even Bosch Motors are possible.

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