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VSETT 8 - 15.6AH

VSETT 8 - 15.6AH

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The VSETT 8 introduces a fresh approach to riding. Powered by a 48V 600W engine and a dependable lithium-ion battery, it can achieve speeds up to 45 km/h. Weighing in at 20.8 kg and sporting an 8.5″ front pneumatic tire, it boasts both style and function, covering distances between 40 - 50 km.

It's designed with dual drum brakes and shock absorbers to ensure a smooth journey and impressive stopping capability. Experience utmost comfort with its dual suspension, all without any extra heft. The lockable pull lever makes folding a breeze.

Illuminate your night rides with the low-set front spotlight and rear brake lights. The VSETT 8 also features front and rear indicators for enhanced safety. Customize your journey with its finger-throttle and control panel offering varied ride modes. And for added security, it comes with an NFC key card lock.

The VSETT 8 redefines how we think about riding, merging power and style for an impressive range.

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