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VSETT 8+ Dual Motor

VSETT 8+ Dual Motor

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Introducing the Highly Anticipated VSETT 8+ with Dual Motor

The latest VSETT 8+ brings forth a revamped riding experience. Its 48V dual motors, boasting a 600W powertrain combined with a dependable lithium-ion battery, propels the VSETT 8+ to speeds up to 45 km/h. With its 20.8 kg frame and an 8.5″ front pneumatic tire, it seamlessly marries function with flair, capable of covering distances between 40 - 50 km.

Outfitted with dual drum brakes and shock absorbers, it ensures a comfortable ride and powerful braking. The double suspension offers superior comfort during each journey, minus any extra bulk. Its foldable design, facilitated by a locking pull lever, ensures easy storage.

For nighttime journeys, the low-placed front spotlight and rear brake lights illuminate the way. Enhanced safety is guaranteed with the inclusion of front and rear blinkers. Dive into a customizable journey with the finger-throttle and a control panel offering diverse riding options. And for that additional layer of security, it's equipped with an NFC key card lock.

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