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Begode (Gotway)

Begode (Gotway) EX30

Begode (Gotway) EX30

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The newest in Begode’s lineup of powerhouse electric unicycles, the EX30 is a wheel that every performance street rider should consider. Improving upon Begode’s 134.4V electrical system with 36 TO-236 MOSFETS, the EX30 has an incredible 120 km/h free spin speed and can handle cruising speeds of 80+ km/h.

At 101lbs, the EX30 is a big boy but definitely no slouch. Veteran riders who loved the original Sherman will feel very familiar with the EX30. The battery packs are wider and lower in height compared to the Master to lower the center of gravity providing a very Sherman-esque stable and balanced ride feel. The new wider and reinforced rims allow 20” tires to seat better and which have also contributed to the surprisingly agile handling.

If you want the more convenient size of a 20” wheel that can rival the speeds of the much larger 22” wheels then the EX30 is the perfect EUC for you.


  • Model Number: EX30
  • Range Per Charge: 130 km
  • Free Spin Speed: 120 km/h
  • Motor Power: 4000W Hi-Torque C40
  • Battery: 134V 3600WH Samsung 50E
  • Charging Time: 9h with stock charger
  • Tire: 20"
  • Weight: 46 kgs (101 lbs)
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