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Begode (Gotway)

Begode (Gotway) MTen4

Begode (Gotway) MTen4

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What do you get when you combine the look of a Master with the form factor of a MTen3? The MTen4! This steampunk inspired redesign has been heavily praised among enthusiasts and gives riders the most smiles per mile. 

This pocket rocket wheel is packed with power making it perfect as a last mile commuter. With a 1000W motor and a 750Wh battery, the MTen4 delivers some very impressive speed and range for its size. Weighing just 28 lbs, it's lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go. Stash it away in the trunk of your car and ride to your last mile destination in style.

The MTen4 has also found popularity among experienced riders looking to develop new riding skills. If you've ever tried to learn to pendulum or ride backwards on larger wheels but couldn't get the hang of it give this smol boy a try. 


  • Model Number: Mten4
  • Range Per Charge: 50 kms
  • Free Spin Speed: 57 km/h
  • Motor Power: 1000W
  • Battery: 84V 750WH Samsung 50E
  • Charging Time: 6h with the stock charger
  • Tire: 11"
  • Weight: 13 kgs (28 lbs)
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