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Daymak Max S 36V

Daymak Max S 36V

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The brand new Daymak Max S is here, the newest fat tire foldable electric bike from Daymak. The Max S is similar to both its counterparts, the New Yorker Fat Tire and the Max Large but sets itself apart with its step through frame, making it easy and accessible for riders of any generation. Fold the bike in just 4 simple steps making it perfect for taking with you in a car or for storage over the winter time. Choose from 1 of 5 levels of pedal assist to suit your needs or engage the throttle mode and cruise effortlessly up those nasty hills. Off-road and on road, the Max S is your electric travelling companion. Get the Max S foldable ebike now and get back on the trails.



Step through Frame

The Daymak Max S is the first foldable ebike with a step through frame. Whether you have issues with lifting your legs, or the cross-bar style just isn’t your thing, this ebike is for you!


20 x 4 Fat Tires

The Max S also comes with CST 2.0 x 4 fat tires, with hollowed out rims. The large tires gives you control and comfort when riding over rugged terrain while the hollowed out rims slightly reduces the overall weight without compromising strength!

Removable Lithium Ion Battery

With the Max S you also get a 36V 7.8AH (281WH) removable lithium ion battery pack. Lock it into place and charge it in the bike, or unlock it and bring it inside your home or office while not in use!


Digital LED Display / Max S 48V

Regular Display / Max S 36V

Max S 36V & 48V Display

The Max S 48V comes with a back lit Led display that shows your current Voltage, trip distance, battery meter, speed, level of pedal assist and more. Keep an eye on the important metrics for every trip you take! The Max S 36V comes with a regular display version with similar functions.


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