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Daymak Pheonix

Daymak Pheonix

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Introducing the Phoenix Electric Bike by Daymak

Step into the future of sustainable transportation with the all-new Phoenix, Daymak's latest e-bike marvel. A product of relentless dedication and passion, this e-bike embodies the pinnacle of years of pioneering innovation.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Power: Equipped with two lithium-ion battery packs, Phoenix promises an outstanding range of over 60 km on a single charge. Extended adventures await!

  2. Optimal Storage Solutions: If storage is what you seek, Phoenix delivers. Crafted with practicality in mind, this e-bike includes saddle bags, perfect for all your essentials.

  3. Mighty Motor: Powered by a robust 500W motor, Phoenix guarantees a dynamic and efficient ride. Whether you're scaling steep inclines or cruising through city streets, its dual 48V lithium battery packs ensure you rise effortlessly, much like the legendary bird it's named after.

  4. Designed for Adventure: Whether you're navigating solo or sharing the thrill with a companion, Phoenix is your ideal trailblazer.

  5. Availability: Eager to experience the Phoenix for yourself? It's now up for grabs at your nearest Daymak dealership.

Experience the freedom and thrill of the open road like never before. With the Phoenix from Daymak, every journey becomes an unforgettable adventure. Don't just ride, soar.

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