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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Elite (Pre- Order)

Guardian Angel Elite (Pre- Order)

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For the electric unicycle, scooter e-skate, Onewheel and beyond enthusiasts who demand the pinnacle of safety and versatility, the Guardian Angel Elite® Series is your definitive companion. Tailored for professionals requiring paramount visibility, this device harnesses cutting-edge LED technology to ensure you're visible up to 5+ miles, offering you safety that endures, ride after ride​​.

Embrace the freedom to ride day or night with the Elite® Series' diverse flash patterns, from constant illumination to emergency signaling, ensuring you're seen in every scenario​​. The patented Magnetic Mounting System, featuring a robust neodymium magnet, secures your device with a 20-pound force, letting you attach it anywhere on your gear or vehicle for that seamless integration into your riding experience​​.

Charge efficiently with a USB Type-C cable, and enjoy long-lasting power that adapts to your ride's demands, with a battery life ranging from 1 to 150 hours, ensuring that you stay lit for sessions short or marathons long​​. The device's intuitive controls, including 360° lighting patterns and adjustable brightness, cater to the nuanced needs of riders navigating diverse urban landscapes​​.

For the rider who challenges the limits, the Guardian Angel Elite® Series stands resilient, boasting durability for any worksite, any time — a testament to the reliability you can trust, journey after journey​.

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