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Guardian Angel: Micro™ Series (Pre-Order)

Guardian Angel: Micro™ Series (Pre-Order)

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The Guardian Angel is a trusted travel companion that keeps you visible, lights your way and guides you home safely after dark. Have the safety and security of the world’s most advanced wearable safety light on you at all times without restricting your movement or flexibility.

Our Micro™ Series is for those who want a small and compact mountable/wearable lighting device. Half the size and weight of the original Elite™ and with dependable functionality, versatility and durability. We do one thing and do it well. No gimmicks – just dependable protection day and night.

Guardian Angel: Micro™ Series is the perfect travel companion for your nighttime adventures. This small, lightweight device keeps you visible, illuminates your path and guides you home safely—all without restricting your movement or flexibility. Feel secure with the world's most advanced wearable safety light always on you. Shine bright and feel confident with Guardian Angel!

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