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Refurbished InMotion V11

Refurbished InMotion V11

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This V11 unit has been carefully inspected, and tested to give you the best used experience.

The V11 is a significant development in the evolution of the Electric Unicycle, with a number of innovations in the areas of design, functionality, & for Inmotion, performance too. A key attraction in the V11, is the all-new pedal suspension, providing an up to 70mm/2.75″ of vertical travel, that is expected to provide a smoother ride for rough roads & trail riding; in addition, the motor is fitted with an 18×3″ XL tire, providing greater contact surface with the road, & improving the ride stability.

Other improvements include the brightest head/tail lighting ever to be installed on a Wheel & integrated folding kickstand. On the performance front, the max speed has been increased from 25MPH (on the v10/F) to 30MPH, with a respectable 1,420Wh battery pack, for an anticipated range of 57 miles @ a 20MPH cruising speed. Taken together, the V11 is expected to be among the most hotly anticipated new machines of 2020.

Key Features:

  • Connect iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth, share your happiness with global friends with the Inmotion app.
  • World's 1st built-in air-spring suspension design, up to 85mm suspension travel.
  • Two separated and collaborative batteries, 21700 cells, 1500Wh LG cells, approx 75 miles (120km) mileage.
  • 12 Units MOS, with max of speed up to 50Km/h, and 35 degree climbing angle.
  • Leading cooling system, support heat dissipation by convection, conducting, and fans.
  • 18" big wheels, 3" width, the best solution for off-road driving.
  • 7800 Lux ultra bright headlight and automobile level tail-light.
  • Patented anti-spinning design, over 100,000 testings.
  • The World 1st EUC with stand.
  • Two driving modes: Comfort & Classic.
  • Dual-charging ports, supports faster-charging with two chargers (5 hours). Max input 2.5A charger (Now included Free)
  • Features a USB port which could be used to charge other devices, like a smartphone.


TOP SPEED*:~ 50 km/h (31 mph)

MAX RANGE*:~ 120 kms (75 mi)

WEIGHT:27 kgs (60 lbs)


MAX LOAD:120 kgs (265 lbs)


TIRE SIZE:18 x 3 in


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