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Segway GT Series Electric Scooter

Segway GT Series Electric Scooter

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Prepare to dive into the exhilarating realm of hyper scooters with the Segway GT 1 and Segway GT 2 electric scooter lineup. Merging unprecedented technology with Segway's renowned dependability, these hyper-scooters establish a new gold standard for future comparisons.

Key Features:

  • Segway's strongest e-scooter to date
  • Equipped for off-road adventures
  • Dynamic traction management
  • Puncture-resistant, self-healing tires
  • Perfect for adrenaline junkies and speed enthusiasts.

Introducing Segway's pinnacle of scooter integration and power.

Velocity Brace yourself for the GT 2’s electric jolt of acceleration, shooting from 0 to 50kph in just 4 seconds, and reaching zenith speeds of up to 70kph. Propelled by its dual 1,500W motors, the GT 2 offers a thrilling momentum unlike any other. On the other hand, the GT1's solo 1,400W motor delivers robust performance but with slightly more finesse.

Whether you're looking to unleash full throttle in boost mode or prefer a gentler cruise by toggling among the six riding options, the GT ensures a calibrated experience to your liking.

Venture Beyond The GT encourages you to transcend traditional routes with its adept off-road features and resilient suspension, ensuring a plush journey. Its design encompasses both front and rear suspensions coupled with tubeless tires, facilitating unparalleled command over rugged landscapes.

Mastery & Command Equipped with the groundbreaking Segway Dynamic Traction Control (SDTC) system, the GT series bestows riders with a security standard seldom seen in hyper scooters. It seamlessly allocates torque between the front and rear wheels, ensuring optimal stability on inconsistent or slick terrains.

Braking & Assurance Stay in control with the formidable double-piston hydraulic brakes, enabling smooth deceleration even at high velocities.

Designed not just for adrenaline seekers and racetracks, the GT series seamlessly integrates into urban terrains. It's equipped with front and rear illuminations, turn signals, and modifiable ambient lighting, ensuring rider visibility at all times.

Join the eScooter Evolution Seize the opportunity to be among the global pioneers in owning a scooter that's poised to become a legendary icon. With the GT series, embrace limitless adventures without compromising safety.

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