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Segway Ninebot Max G2 Electric Scooter

Segway Ninebot Max G2 Electric Scooter

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The MAX G2 offers a travel range of up to 40 km, and when in Eco mode (limited to 16km/h), this extends to an impressive 70 km, ensuring it meets most daily commute distances with ease.

Designed as the epitome of urban transport, the Max G2 elevates the contemporary KickScooter with its robust 900W rear-wheel drive, providing a range that spans up to 25 miles when cruising at 22 mph*. Engineered for optimum comfort during prolonged journeys, it includes a dual suspension system and a traction control mechanism, which guarantees ride stability, particularly on slick surfaces.

Key Features:

• An extended range of up to 70 km, made possible by the advanced RideyLONG technology.

• High-performance rear-wheel drive.

• A dual suspension framework consisting of a front hydraulic damper and a rear double spring setup.

• Enhanced Traction Control System for optimal grip.

• A brushless motor that boasts a 28% power boost, ensuring the MAX G2 (in comparison to the MAX G30) offers consistent performance across diverse terrains.

• The rear-wheel drive offers enhanced mobility and ease as you navigate your surroundings on the MAX G2.

• Anti-skid TCS ensures unrivaled command and control.

• Updated 10-inch tubeless tires with self-healing capabilities.

• The tire features a jelly layer, proficient in sealing punctures up to 4mm located within the tire tread.

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