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Surestance Pro Max Footpad

Surestance Pro Max Footpad

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If you've got a taste for the extreme, The Surestance Pro Max is the footpad for you. With maximum kicktail, your back foot will have a strong reference point and lots of leverage while riding. Although Max offers more concavity than the Surestance Pro Pad, it's more gradual providing a comfortable ride feel with tons of control. Lock in with Surestance Pro Max.

Kicktail: 35mm - High 

Concave: 18mm - High

Note: Only back footpad included 


Product Information


1x Onewheel Surestance Pro Max Footpad, Installation tool and screws



Questions and Answers

  • Q: How does it compare to the other footpads in the Surestance Pro family?
  • A: The Surestance Pro Max footpad has the highest level of kicktail and high-level concavity compared to the Surestance Pro and Fusion footpads.

  • Q: When I order a Surestance Pro Max Footpad do I get a front and back Footpad?
  • A: No, the Surestance Pro Max Footpad is for your back foot only. Your front foot is engaging the pressure sensitive pad which comes standard.
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