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Teverun Blade GT+ II

Teverun Blade GT+ II

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New for 2024, the Blade GT+ II gen2 is the next generation of Blade GT+, and improves it in many ways. It uses the same fantastic 165mm KKE adjustable hydraulic suspension, high-quality steering damper, heavy-duty CNC-machined kickstand, dual hydraulic brakes with 160mm rotors, and finger throttle but everything else is new or upgraded, including bold new styling. Also the same is the solid build and high quality components giving it an excellent price-performance ratio and great overall value compared to similar competitive scooters.

The Blade GT+ II is just as suitable on the trails (off-road tires available) as on city streets.

The Blade GT+ II is an upgrade over the Blade GT II: a better battery with more capacity, higher quality controllers, and adjustable, hydraulic suspension.


A 60V powertrain fuelling twin 1,500W motors for a combined 3,000W of sustained power (4,800W peak). It’s enough to get you to 85km/h or 52mph…more importantly it will keep you accelerating up virtually any hill you’ll come across. The new Blade GT+ II provides a larger 35Ah battery with LG or Samsung 21700 cells, giving you a range of up to 120km per charge*


The Blade GT+ II expertly handles curbs, speed bumps and most off-road terrain thanks to it’s heavy-duty hydraulic+spring suspension on both wheels and big, self-healing, 11″ (4″ wide) tubeless pneumatic tires. Being able to adjust the suspension damping/rebound allows you to tailor the softness you prefer, or set a different profile for off-roading (usually stiffer) than used for street riding (usually softer).

Braking is extremely responsive, with hydraulic front and rear brakes. It’s is ideal for larger riders, being able to handle up to 150kg (330lbs). If you’re tall, you may find the stem (no longer adjustable like on the last generation) a bit short, but we’ll soon have a raised handlebar option. Handlebar grips are are grippy rubber, contoured and with just the right amount of softness (plus they lock in place so won’t rotate). Off-road, knobby tires are available, even a seat, if that’s your thing.


The integrated steering damper increases control and safety at high speeds. Make your intentions known to other riders and cars with turn signals (now even brighter than before) integrated into the front and rear of the deck. The new, brighter 2,000 lumen headlamp is now mounted higher on the stem for better light throw, and also new is the customizable RGB lighting integrated into the stem and deck. In addition to glowing any of millions of colours, they flash amber along with the turn signals, turn red when braking, and are partially lit indicating current charge from afar when charging.


In addition to the RGB lighting and larger battery, the following new upgrades are present on the Blade GT+ II:

  • Integrated 3″ colour TFT display
  • New rock-solid folding mechanism (folds/unfolds quicker)
  • Folding latch (keeps stem secure when folded for carrying)
  • NFC keylock
  • Better (Fighter-style) fenders that provide better splash coverage and protect the brake rotors


In addition to a raised handlebar for taller riders, it’s possible to add a thumb throttle (coming soon).

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