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Teverun Fighter 11

Teverun Fighter 11

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The Fighter 11, a jewel in Teverun's crown, beautifully merges the state-of-the-art styling of the Blade GT II into a high-performance masterpiece. Though it shares a similar spec sheet with the Blade GT II, the Fighter 11 boasts superior components, a more advanced display, and unique design differences. While the Blade line emphasizes function, affordability, and practicality, the Fighter series embodies luxury and allure. The choice between them may boil down to budget considerations and throttle preferences.

Whether you're riding the city streets or off-road trails, the Fighter 11 excels with equal ease. For those seeking a more expansive battery and adjustable hydraulic suspension, the Fighter 11+ stands ready.

DYNAMISM & DISTANCE Harnessing power from a 60V drivetrain and dual 1,500W motors, the Fighter 11 offers a collective 3,000W power output, peaking at 5,000W. Such power not only enables speeds of up to 85km/h but also ensures consistent acceleration on challenging terrains. The substantial 26Ah battery promises a commendable 80km on a full charge.

RIDE & RESPONSE Boasting a robust spring suspension on both wheels and large 11" self-repairing tubeless tires, the Fighter 11 smoothly negotiates obstacles and varied terrains. It's tailor-made for heavier riders, supporting up to 150kg. Off-road enthusiasts can also opt for knobby tires.

ELEGANCE & ILLUMINATION The Fighter 11's sleek all-black design is further enhanced by RGB lighting along the stem, deck, and rear kickplate. The Teverun app lets users customize lighting aesthetics. This RGB system doubles as turn signals, brake indicators, and a battery status display.

RELIABILITY & RESILIENCE Equipped with dual Zoom hydraulic brakes, the Fighter 11 ensures effective stopping power in varied conditions. Integrated turn signals enhance rider visibility, while a high-mounted 2,000-lumen LED headlight ensures a clear view ahead. To maximize control at high speeds, a sturdy steering damper has been added.

COMFORT & CUSTOMIZATION A vivid 3.5" full-color TFT display keeps essential metrics at the rider's fingertips. The ergonomically designed cockpit ensures easy access to controls. Throttle customization, motor performance, and braking are all easily adjustable via the display or the app.

QUALITY & LONGEVITY With Teverun's renowned build quality and innovative design, the Fighter 11 stands out, especially with its stable folding mechanism. Large fenders and metal mudguard brackets keep the rider clean and protect critical components.

CONVENIENCE & CARE An NFC key lock offers swift security, and the Teverun app provides a comprehensive overview of the scooter's status. Bluetooth compatibility enhances connectivity, and the self-healing tubeless tires minimize maintenance hassles.

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