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Teverun Fighter Mini

Teverun Fighter Mini

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Introducing the Fighter Mini: the ideal blend of high-end attributes and affordability. Think of it as an elevated version of the Blade Mini Pro SE. If you've been looking for something more potent than the Blade Mini Pro, with superior components and the exquisite design of the Fighter series, yet within a budget of CA$2,500 (US$1,900), the Fighter Mini is your answer.

Sporting the sophisticated all-black design synonymous with the Fighter series, the Fighter Mini opts for a more minimalist approach, showcasing a glowing lightstrip along both sides of its deck.

MASTERFUL MOBILITY With a formidable power of 2,000W, derived from dual 1,000W motors (with peak power reaching 3,200W), the Fighter Mini doesn't shy away from challenges, be it hills or long distances. Its 52V power system offers enhanced performance compared to the Blade Mini Pro SE, and the expansive 52V 20Ah battery ensures a range of up to 60km per charge.

The scooter efficiently navigates curbs, bumps, and even off-road terrains courtesy of its robust hydraulic+spring suspension on both wheels. With adjustable suspension damping/rebound, riders can customize their ride's softness. Its 10" x 3" tubeless tires are not only resilient against flats but also reduce maintenance woes.

COMPACT & CONVENIENT Weighing in at 29kg (64lbs), while the Fighter Mini might not be your companion on public transport, its foldability ensures it fits snugly in most cars. If it's too cumbersome to take indoors, simply lock it and activate the NFC key lock for added security.

SAFETY & COMFORT Equipped with an integrated 3" color TFT display reminiscent of the Blade GT II, a finger throttle, and comfortable grips, the Fighter Mini ensures a seamless ride. The elevated headlamp ensures clear visibility, while the LED strips on the stem and deck enhance your visibility to others. For those sudden halts, its dual hydraulic disc brakes, complemented by electronic regenerative brakes with ABS, offer unmatched stopping prowess.

STYLE IN EVERY DETAIL The Fighter Mini's elegance isn't just skin deep. Its full RGB lighting embedded in the stem, deck, and rear kickplate is both functional and aesthetic. The Teverun app (available for both iOS and Android) allows you to customize the lighting color and patterns. Additionally, this RGB lighting doubles up as turn signals, brake lights, and even displays battery status during charging. Moreover, the sturdy cable wrapping ensures a neat look.

FLEXIBILITY & FUTURE-PROOFING Offering an easy transition to high-performance electric scooters, the Fighter Mini is not just cost-effective but also upgradeable. Whether it's a larger TFT display, thumb throttle, extended handlebars, a higher capacity battery, or even a steering damper, this scooter allows for seamless enhancements.

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