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The Teverun Fighter Supreme epitomizes elite electric scooter craftsmanship, enticing seasoned riders with unparalleled quality, power, comfort, and range. This marvel is birthed from a synergistic blend of Blade's renowned durability and cost-effectiveness with Dualtron's innovative prowess, marking Teverun's joint venture with Blade and Minimotors. While both Blade and Fighter lines promise solid returns, your choice may pivot on budget and throttle type preferences.

Distinctively, the Fighter 11+ elevates the Fighter 11 experience, boasting an advanced battery and an adjustable hydraulic suspension system.

Designed for all terrains, the Fighter Supreme seamlessly navigates city streets and rugged trails.

MIGHT & MILEAGE Equipped with dual 2,500W motors, the Fighter Supreme unleashes a combined power of 5,000W, reaching a breathtaking 8,000W at its peak. This beast can effortlessly propel riders to 100km/h (60mph), providing invigorating acceleration even on inclines. Its 72V 35Ah battery, using premium LG or Samsung 21700 cells, promises a substantial journey of up to 120km per charge, managed by an advanced BMS.

AESTHETICS & ILLUMINATION Sleek, all-black designs are enriched with extensive RGB lighting adorning the stem, deck, and rear kickplate. With the Teverun app, these lights can be customized to pulsate through seven different colors or other pre-set animations.

BRAKING & BRIGHTNESS Safety remains paramount. Dual Zoom hydraulic brakes, paired with regenerative e-braking, ensure swift and reliable halts. Vivid turn signals at the front and rear heighten visibility, with the deck and stem's RGB lighting enhancing this feature further. The Fighter line's innovative 2,000-lumen double LED headlight offers unwavering illumination, ensuring a clear view ahead.

LUXURY & LANDING The Fighter Supreme's prowess extends to unparalleled comfort. Its hydraulic and spring 165mm KKE suspension can be adjusted for weight or riding preference, perfectly complementing the 11" wide, self-sealing tubeless tires that provide optimum traction.

TECH & TOUCH Its 3.5" full-color TFT display delivers vital stats clearly, even under the sun. An intuitive cockpit layout places essential controls at your fingertips. Plus, handlebar grips offer perfect firmness and security.

RESILIENCE & RELIABILITY Teverun's Fighter line exemplifies cutting-edge design with unwavering quality. Features like its new folding mechanism underscore this ethos. The scooter also comes equipped with expansive fenders and protective metal mudguard brackets.

EASE & EXCLUSIVITY Unlocking is a breeze with the NFC key lock. The latest Teverun app offers a wealth of settings, diagnostics, and connectivity options, further enriched with the Bluetooth module.

With the Fighter Supreme, maintenance concerns are minimized, thanks to its self-healing tubeless tires, ensuring an uninterrupted journey.

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