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Teverun Fighter Supreme Plus

Teverun Fighter Supreme Plus

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Teverun’s is shaking things up delieving even more options then ever before.  The Supreme Plus really means that in the distances you will be able to conquer .  For the riders who demand the very best range but without the fancy gadgets.   simply want the best that money can buy in terms of quality, comfort, range and raw power. The Fighter Supreme clearly demonstrates the influence of Dualtron (Teverun is a joint venture of Blade and Minimotors), being a hybrid of the Blade line’s exceptional build quality and value for money, and Dualtron’s innovative features and styling. The Fighter Supreme offers riders an unparalleled experience, with many high-end components and features.


With dual 1,500W motors (3,000W combined), the Fighter Supreme provides comfort control and incredible distances of 220 km up to a maximum speed of 90km/h (56mph). If you seek an adrenaline-fueled ride, this is it.   If you’re not interested in going that fast, you’ll still benefit from the smooth but rapid acceleration and the ability climb hills of virtually any degree of steepness.

Power to the motors is smoothly regulated by two 37 amp controllers, Teverun’s best (from a company known for high-quality controllers).


Inside the deck is a massive 72V 60Ah battery which provides an astounding 2,520 watt-hours of power. This battery supplies enough range to take you up to an amazing 220km. A smart BMS (battery management system) handles battery regeneration from braking, temperature control, 3 levels of charging protection and automatic individual battery cell control to maximize the longevity of the battery.

A welcome side effect of such a large battery is an extra wide deck which provides extra room for shifting your foot positions during those extra long rides.


Complimenting the sleek all-black design is full RGB lighting incorporated into both sides of the stem and deck as well as wrapping around the rear kickplate. You can use the Teverun app (iOS and Android) to select any colour as well as any of several pre-programmed animated patterns (by default, it slowly cycles between 7 different colors).

The RGB lighting is also used as auxiliary turn signals and brake lights, as well as indicting the current battery charge when charging.

Cable wrapping is sturdy and keeps cabling tidy.


With great power comes great responsibility…to stop when you need to. Dual hydraulic brakes with regenerative e-braking gets the job done, with large 160mm rotors effectively dissipating heat and providing maximum stopping power in dry or wet conditions.

Your intentions and actions are communicated to other drivers, riders and pedestrians via super bright front and rear turn signals integrated into the deck. Clever use of the RGB lighting is utilized here too to provide even better visibility: the deck and stem light strips flash amber along with that side’s turn signal, and when braking, all light strips turn red.

The Fighter line introduces a new, 2,000 lumen double LED headlight style which is mounted high on the stem, eliminating vibration for constant illumination in the direction your handlebars are pointed.

A robust, adjustable steering damper eliminates wobble and increases control and safety at high speeds.

The Teverun smart BMS provides constant monitoring of the high-quality LG/Samsung battery during charging to reduce the risk of fire or explosion.


The Fighter Supreme handles curbs, speed bumps and off-road terrain divinely, thanks to it’s combination hydraulic + spring 165mm KKE suspension on both wheels, which you can adjust to suit your weight or preferred softness. Riders up to 150kg (330lbs) will have no problem accelerating, stopping, climbing hills or traversing rough terrain.

Big 11″ (4″ wide) self-healing, tubeless pneumatic tires hug the road and eliminate almost all flats from punctures. If the majority of your riding will be trails, off-road, knobby tires are available.

The large 3.5″ full colour, graphical TFT display makes all important information easily visible at a glance, even in direct sunlight.

The cockpit offers controls for lights, turn signals and horn within easy thumb reach of the left side, and a vertical thumb throttle provides even control over acceleration and speed (cruise control is also available).

The handlebar grips are are grippy rubber, contoured and with just the right amount of softness (plus they lock in place so won’t rotate).

Finally, like most Teverun models, the performance of the motors, braking and other features is extremely customizable through the display or through the app (which is even easier)


The Fighter line incorporates Tevenrun’s newest design innovations along with their legendary solid build quality. This is most obvious in features like new folding mechanism which keeps the stem rock-solid yet allows folding quickly.

The fenders are large to keep splatter away from you and the scooter, and the metal mudguard brackets keep them solidly in place while also protecting the brake rotors.


An built in NFC key lock provides a convenient way to lock and unlock the scooter, requiring just a tap of the NFC key onto the screen.

The new Teverun app (iOS and Android) provides access to many settings and status information, including extensive battery and power system diagnostic data unavailable with most other scooters. The Fighter Supreme is app-enabled (i.e. it has the Bluetooth module required to connect to smartphones).

Self-healing tubeless tires keep maintenance low and the inconvenience of encountering a flat to a minimum.

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