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Introducing the zenith of electric scooters: Teverun's Fighter Supreme+ 7260R. Arguably the most phenomenal scooter on the market, this machine redefines excellence. What sets it apart? A dreamlike riding experience combined with an unparalleled 200km range on a single charge.

This scooter amplifies everything the Fighter Supreme represents, adding colossal 13″ x 5″ wheels for an even silkier ride, a cutting-edge 60Ah battery, and high-caliber 4-piston brakes.

The Fighter Supreme+ 7260R is tailored for those who accept nothing but the finest.

THRUST & THRILLS With its pair of 2,500W motors, this scooter generates a whopping combined power of 5,000W, peaking at a mind-boggling 10,000W. This powerhouse catapults riders to speeds up to 110km/h (68mph). Its dynamic acceleration remains potent even in the second of its five performance tiers. Each level is customizable, letting riders set their desired top speed, acceleration, and braking. With the industry's best 70-amp controllers from Teverun, power delivery is smooth and consistent, aligning with the strict 3C electrical appliance certification standard.

RANGE & RELIABILITY Housed within its deck is a monumental 72V 60Ah battery, providing a staggering 4,320 watt-hours. The innovative "Blade" LiFePO4 cells, akin to those in advanced electric vehicles like Tesla, promise longevity and robust performance. Developed by BYD and manufactured by South Korea's SK Innovation, these cells ensure extended battery life, safety, and superior temperature resilience. This blade battery technology not only guarantees the Fighter Supreme+ 7260R the safest and longest-lasting battery but also offers riders ample foot space on an extra-wide deck. And, to ensure the ride never stops, a 5A fast charger is included.

ELITE ELEGANCE Its sophisticated all-black design is adorned with customizable RGB lighting, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Strong cable wrapping ensures durability, while the RGB signals also serve as turn indicators and battery charge indicators.

UNCOMPROMISING SAFETY Power demands precision stopping. Equipped with Zoom's 4-piston hydraulic brakes, efficient 160mm rotors, and regenerative e-braking, swift and safe halts are guaranteed. Enhanced visibility is ensured with ultra-bright turn signals and innovative RGB lighting cues. A 2,000-lumen double LED headlight ensures a clear path ahead, and an adjustable steering damper offers stability during high-speed rides. The scooter's smart BMS continuously oversees battery health during charging to preempt any hazards.

SUPREME SMOOTHNESS The Fighter Supreme+ 7260R's suspension ensures a heavenly ride over any terrain. Its vast 13" tubeless tires effortlessly tackle challenges, and the 3.5" vivid TFT display keeps riders informed. Ergonomic controls, a precise thumb throttle, and comfortably contoured handlebar grips enhance the riding experience. Riders can further personalize motor, braking, and other features via the scooter's display or the user-friendly app.

ROBUST & READY Teverun's innovations shine through in the Fighter line, showcasing top-tier build quality. Notable features include a new folding mechanism for stability and convenience, and protective fenders and mudguard brackets.

CONVENIENT CONNECTIVITY A touch of an NFC key effortlessly secures or unlocks the scooter. The Teverun app brings a plethora of settings and diagnostics at your fingertips, bolstered by the scooter's Bluetooth connectivity.

Maintenance hassles are minimal, thanks to the self-healing tubeless tires.

RACING REVELATION For those seeking an unmatched thrill, Teverun introduces a special "turbo" mode. This boosts the maximum current, allowing riders to reach staggering speeds of over 120km/h, should the heart desire.

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